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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Disappearance of Jeff Magnum

Two things. First of all, I have a dilemna. See, I am a huge Sunny Day Real Estate fan. Mostly their first two albums, pre-Enigk-religious-awakening, but their other stuff is superb, as well. So here's the dilemna: The only album of theirs that I don't own, The Rising Tide, is currently up for download at my new favorite site to download music. Using a little utility we'll call bittorrent. (By the way, Bram Cohen is one cool guy for creating this utility, I mean if you ever meet him, buy him a few beers, ok?). So I LOVE Sunny Day Real Estate. And I want to experience each album in it's fullness; you know, perfect sound qaulity (or at least INTENDED sound qaulity) and the cover, the whole bit. And I really don't mind contributing to a band as infinitely kick-ass as Sunny Day. My point is this, though. Do I download it, or hold out and buy it? This is a problem unique to our generation, I garauntee...
Not to say that I don't agree with downloading music, because I do. Musicians are paid way too much... but that's for another day. For now, I shall speak about a Great Fucking Band.
Neutral Milk Hotel.
Jeff Magnum and a rotating band of eqaully important other-musicians, Neutral Milk Hotel put out two LP's in 1996 and 1998. Both are pretty freaking brilliant and kick-ass... I won't bother you with any of the tedious labels freqeuntly applied to Neutral Milk Hotel... genres are tedious, as a rule. Listen to them yourself, their both great albums (though the second, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, is INCREDIBLE). Form your own opnion, just for the sake of discussion let's you and I assume that Neutral Milk Hotel is every bit as rocking as I say. Now, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea got sparkling reviews when it came out. And I mean SPARKLING. Like 'Neutral Milk Hotel is the savior of rock' kind of reviews. And then Jeff Magnum kind of disappeared.
Here is my theory, take it as you will:
After the release and subsequent torrent of praise of Aeroplane, Magnum looked aorund and saw, in fame (moderate indie fame though it may be) a death of those beloved vagabonding ways he'd held so dear for so long. So instead of settling down to a life of recording the same old thing over and over again, or trying to top Aeroplane, he realized he couldn't or didn't want to, so he moved to say Moscow and started a flea circus.
Just a theory, anyway. Regardless, I have much respect for the man, the band, and the freaking music. Pick up the albums, do it, now, you know you want to.

And now, for a new spot I'm doing, due to my love for bittorrent and music. A little something I call 'The RIAA-Okay Music of the Week'. For those of you out there cool enough to have bittorrent, here you are. It's the Bonnie 'Prince' Billie, and he rocks. Click on the link and be prepared to be rocked. If I find out this is illegal or something to post on my blog... well, I'll change my name and move to Bolivia like Butch and Sundance. This website rules, by the way, check it out before The Man phases out bittorrent altogether. For now, here:

Until next time, eat you're Wheaties and remember, rotting chicken should NOT be licked!!!

-Butch Cassidy


  • At 8:54 PM, Blogger d-lee said…

    Actually, I think Jeff Mangum went fucking nuts and went to the loony bin. You know he's a tortured individual by listening to his lyrics and by the sheer genius that "... Aeroplane..." was. I think by the end of NMH, he was completely fed up with it all, and needed a break. For all I know, he's involved with Music Tapes or Olivia Tremor Control and just isn't telling anybody. There's a story I heard about NMH playing a show in Athens where Mangum just decided that he didn't wanna play anymore. Their set wasn't over, and the rest of the band wanted to finish, but Mangum allegedly punched one of his bandmates in the face and stormed off stage. I don't know how true that is, but that's what I hear.
    Also, an interesting side is that I know one person personally who suffered a major nervous breakdown, and I have heard of another person having one as a result of repeated listenings of On Avery Island.
    I like the flea circus theory, though.

  • At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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